Well that’s what The Metro announced for babies born in 2012. That’s over half a century!The UK faces unprecedented challenges as it plans to thrive in the 21st century with youth unemployment projected to cost £24 Billion over the next decade.

Founded by Andre Campbell, a frustrated teenager who united industry, government and most importantly young people to create sustainable, scalable action because the purpose driven career is the more productive.

For 24 months, Enfuse Youth C.I.C an career development organisation led by young people championing the need for youth (14-25) to develop an enthusiasm for life and career at a younger age, through intrapreneurship.

We do this through action based training programmes, industry endorsed standards/qualifications and groundbreaking campaigns.

Between the pressures of our teachers, parents, and peers, we often give up any search for personal meaning as we aim to belong to a tribe. After a while, we may not even believe we have something unique to offer. Rather than figure out what we are each about, far too many of us live within the boxes others define.

Nilofer Merchant

The Enfuse London Campaign reinforced the demand for our work. We are now in the process of scaling through our campaign ‘National Enfusiasm Week 2013′. Creating intrapreneurs on scale.

So far we have provided over £250,000 worth of employment opportunities to 12,500+ young people in 4 countries.

We believe the world need more careers steeped in purpose and enthusiasm. We look forward to talking further