Enterprise Bootcamp

About the Bootcamp: This 5-day Bootcamp helps participants to understand the way business works, the modern business environment and most common tools of analysis. Led by the experts and experience facilitators the Bootcamp will give participants tools, the guidelines and the support in order to start a successful enterprise or a social project. The programme is fun, easy to grasp and interactive.

As a part of the programme participants work in teams to develop or tackle a challenge that is set by a real company.

 Topics covered:

•     Feasibility of the business idea/business opportunity

•     Business strategy and business planning

•     Sources of Funding

•     Marketing

•     Pitching your business idea and networking skills

Leadership Bootcamp

About the Bootcamp: This is a 5-day dynamic, challenging and fast paced educational programme that raises aspirations, increases confidence and gives young people the opportunity to develop and explore their leadership skills. All workshops are practical and interactive, encouraging young people to work in teams and think outside the box.

Topics covered:

•     The concept of leadership behaviours

•     Affective management and leadership styles

•     Delegation: structure, pros and cons, do’s and don’ts

•     Difficult situations: assertive responses

•     Introduction to the coaching skills

•     Presentation and Pitching skills

•     How leadership skills can benefit your career 

Employability Bootcamp

About the Bootcamp:

The world of work is changing and if you want to be successful in it, you need to be differentiate yourself. To secure your ideal career, you have to be self-managing.

This 3-day Bootcamp will help you to access your skills, develop your personal brand and improve your chances of getting a job and become more employable.

Topics covered:

•     Personal appraisal and current skills check

•     Development of the personal action plan

•     Skills current employers are looking for

•     Search techniques (e.g. how to look for job/training opportunities)

•     How to write a CV and importance of the covering letter

•     Interview skills