Enfuse Youth CIC works with young people in secondary schools, further and higher education establishments throughout the UK. We have developed a holistic approach to young people safety that is in keeping with NCVO guidelines.

Enfuse Youth CIC Employees

It is a mandatory requirement that every EY employee has a valid Disclosure & Barring Service certificate in place, certificates must be no more than 12 months old.

Where trainers and/or faciltators may be required to lay hands on young people, we require prior parent/guardian consent. This is signed for when a young person enrols with EY.

Our management committee is structured so that we have a least one SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator) on our committee. It is estimated that one in five young people has special needs, or belongs to a vulnerable group. Our SENCO is responsible for advising EY teachers on helping participants with Special Needs and also on how to identify young people from vulnerable groups. These groups include but are not limited to young people that are in care, young people that are eligible for free school meals, young people with learning or other disabilities, young people from ethnic minority groups, and young people from the traveller community.

Our trainers risk assess our training/event spaces daily, and ensure, for example, that EY participants do not visit toilets unaccompanied. Parents will be required to state whether participants are walking home, or are to be collected. If participants are to walk home we will require prior consent from parent/guardians when young people enrol with EY.

EY Parental/Guardian Consent

We request consent to use photographs or videos in the promotion of EY, all images are anonymous. This is signed for when young people enrol with EY.

We will ask parents and carers when they enrol young people, if their young people have any special needs or disabilities. We also ask equal opportunities questions, this is because we exercise an equal opportunities policy and we want to encourage young people from all backgrounds to take part in, and enjoy EY.