Open positions

We want our offices to be populated by ingenious people. People who want to put an idea into everything they do. Who want to do things differently. And people who are enthusiasts for life and career.

We’re always looking for people for whom the words ‘nothing is impossible’ are exciting rather than daunting. If you think you’d fit in here at the Enfuse Hub , contact our team.

National Enthusiasm Week Ambassadors

For passionate young people who want to join a movement to help other young people create a new standard in their approach to life and career. Then welcome home! Contact us to learn more.

Assistant Web Developer

If you want to develop your belts in the coder dojo then we got you cover


If you love to get creative through design or code then we sure have a cool role for you

Personal Assistant

If you have bags of potential and want to learn from the top then you'll love supporting our

Senior Project Manager

Have other skills?

Not a problem! Contact us to let us know how you can make a difference at Enfuse Youth.

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